Director, Producer, Camera, Researcher Nina Simões
Video Editing and Korsakow System Nina Simões, Mano Camón
Aditional Camera  Oscar Salgado,  Jessie Sklair,  Dylan Howitt  Mano Camón
Sound recordings  Oscar Salgado,  Jessie Sklair
Sound editing  Mano Camón
Music Guitar: Vicente Pino, Accordion: Miguel Osorio, Violin: Silvia Maria Gebhardt,
Percussion: Luis Gradin, Pipa Mendes, Leonardo Batista, Mano Camón
Music recordings Steven Postma
Translator Stefan Tobler
Web Developer Mano Camón

Thanks to 
University of the Arts London, all MST activists who kindly gave me their time and generosity, Augusto Boal and Geo Britto from the Centre of the Theatre of the Opressed in Rio de Janeiro, Noélia Cantarino da Costa, Geraldo Cantarino and everyone who in one way or another helped me along this voyage…

Nina Simões